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Making a reservation is only possible starting from 20 persons.
Payment can be made on site or by bank transfer before date of sailing. Payment by bank card is possible.


Individual: 12,00 euro/person
Group (+20 people): 10,00 euro/person
Children (4-11 years): 7,00 euro/child
Private boat: 300,00 euro/boat (max. 24 people)

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  • We kindly ask you to be present 5-10 minutes before departure time.
  • If the group is delayed, please inform us at least half an hour in advance. That way we can - if necessary and possible - change the hour of departure.
    If no other hour of departure is possible, we reserve the right to unilaterally cancel the reservation.
  • If the group is delayed without prior telephonic notice we have the right to unilaterally cancel the reservation.
  • In order to ensure a good organization, we ask you to notify us any reduction in numbers of persons reserved for by email 2 days prior to departure. If not, the total number of persons on the initial reservation will be charged. Any increase in numbers of persons reserved for needs to be informed by email 7 days prior to departure.

Telephone : 0032 (0) 50 33 27 71